Jenyne Ward



Jenyne became a Realtor in 2016 and immediately dove into setting her foundation to become a trusted, knowledgeable, team player within the real estate community. During her years as an agent, she has had the privilege to represent a wide range of clients across Maryland’s Eastern Shore with their real estate transactions. Jenyne’s commitment to her clients, in-depth approach to each and every transaction, along with her proven track record of going the extra mile is the reason she earned several honors over the years, including the opportunity to become a Certified Mentor for rising Realtors.

Jenyne’s passion has always been service. After Jenyne and her family went through an unfortunate home buying experience, she decided to take that passion and focus it into helping families have enjoyable real estate experiences done right! When Jenyne found Chaney Homes, she knew that this brokerage would align perfectly with her values and would commit to supporting her in her mission for her clients.

Growing up, Jenyne lived in South America and Mexico with her family. She is bilingual in English and Spanish and makes a mean Tres Leches from scratch! After coming back to the States Jenyne received a degree in psychology from the University of Valley Forge and started a family of her own.

Jenyne and her family moved from Pennsylvania to Maryland’s Eastern Shore in 2014 and found their lifelong home. Between attending all the traditional festivals and celebrations the Eastern Shore has to offer, frequenting the local restaurants, coffee houses and retail shops, as well as spending weekends steaming up baskets of crabs the family caught that morning, Jenyne and her family have completely embraced the community and Eastern Shore life!


Jenyne Ward

BAAR 2018 “Rookie REALTOR of the Year” 
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