First impressions are EVERYTHING! This is most certainly true when you are trying to sell your home!

Chaney Home staging homes


As a local Realtor® for nearly 15 years, I speak from experience when I say the market is still a buyer’s market. Ample inventory and reduced prices tip the scale in favor of buyers. Sellers must not only price right, but take advantage of the small details… which add up big! The National Association of Realtors reported that curb appeal sells 49% of all homes. That is a significant number. 

A seller’s home is quite literally ‘on stage’. Buyers will critique its every room and every detail, and compare it to the ‘house up the street’, they are also considering! Staging styles a home to appeal to the ‘most’ buyers. Staging Homes to Sell gives sellers a crucial advantage in this highly competitive marketplace. Failing to do so, and ‘show’ its best, leads to longer days on market, and most often a lower sales price.

Wowing buyers from the get-go, and styling a home to most effectively avoid any ‘buyer objections’, leads to faster, more lucrative sales! Even better… the most effective ‘tricks of the trade’ won’t break the bank.

Here are a few to consider when staging homes to sell in MD:

staging your home for sale


A dirty house is a turn off, and often worries buyers as to ‘what else’ has not been cared for! Take the eye of a new visitor to your home, look high and low, from baseboards to lighting fixtures, shades, and bathrooms/kitchens!! Depersonalize, especially in bathrooms!! Buy a small plastic organizer for toothbrushes and toiletries, as buyers don’t want to see what ‘you use’ – then hide under the sink- easy! Dry sinks, clean mirrors, and toilet seats DOWN! A little maintenance goes a long way! Reduce items in closets by at least 50%, NOTHING should remain on floors. Creating space shows buyers how much your home has to offer! Rent a storage space if you must, ideally you will be moving anyway!

staging your home for sale


NOT just a catchy Realtor phrase. Deals are made when buyers are wowed here! Many sellers are scared to invest here, but there are simple tricks to spruce up these spaces! Back to number ‘1’… CLEAN!! Take up all rugs here- they are simply dirt and hair collectors that no buyer wants to see! Let the floors shine! Fresh, white hand towels carefully rolled and stored in a basket or a few at each sink will create a ‘spa-like’ ambience! Fresh flowers only add to the mood! Roll face rags and wrap with a tie of raffia, place on a small tray to create instant glam!
outdoor patio


Outdoor spaces count and are a welcome extension of ‘living space’ to buyers! Make yours pop! Power-washing, fresh stain, a cleverly arranged seating area, colorful plantings, umbrellas… make the space call to buyers ‘come rest and entertain’!
staging your home for sale


White is boring and unoriginal! Beige is ‘so yesterday’. Avoid super bright or personal colors and opt for soothing, non-gender specific hues: soft blues (Sherwin Williams ‘rain washed is great!), or a cool, muted gray is modern, non-offensive and fresh! Steer clear of strong reds/pinks/blue- anything which would clearly ‘define’ a space for a buyer who may not use it in the same way! No scuff marks or stains is key! Fresh, neutral paint goes far! Add colorful accessories in groups to ‘color map’ and lead a buyer’s eye!
staging your home for sale


Have a office? Clean and paint it! De-clutter and make the area shine! Upgrades?? Keep it simple and display furniture and accessories in an eye-catching way where buyers will be in awe!
staging your home for sale


Lean out furniture, accessories, and most importantly personal items!! Let the focus be on the great hardwoods, ceramic tiles, huge windows, new appliances… not the family photos, ‘Max’s dog bed, or class photos from the last ten years! Buyers need to envision ‘themselves’ in a space. If they cannot see past your things, this becomes a challenge!