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Appearance counts - whether you are trying to sell your home or just want a new look for your home. Chaney Homes does it all - they 'stage' homes to make them more appealing to potential buyers or they provide 'design' services for those just looking for something new to spruce up their home.

Before starting any design project we meet with our clients to get a general idea of what their goals are - we listen. Listening to our clients is extremely important when it comes to design work. We pay attention to detail, focus on their goals, while identifying budget conscious solutions that exceed their expectations.

We invite you to review some of our projects below to get an insight of who we are and what we do. We hope you enjoy our presentations!

Colorful Decking Redesign
Devine Deck Design

Staging and designing outdoor spaces bring a welcome extension of 'living space' to buyers! Lots of WOW factor!

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Gazebo Interior Design
Gazebo Makeover

We love designing small outdoor spaces to make them bright, cheery and inviting! This gazebo is just one example of our designs.

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Staging Homes for Curb Appeal
Staging for Curb Appeal

Appearance matters - inside and out - especially when you want to sell your home quickly. We can do that for you!

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Staging Homes to Sell Quicker
Staging for Quick Sale

Appearance sets the tone for first impressions. Keep personal items such as family photos to a minimum when listing your home.

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Gazebo Interior Design
Designing to Delight

In addition to real estate sales and staging homes, Chaney Homes also provides home interior design services - take a look...

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Simple Staging Design
Simple Stage Design

Staging homes to sell gives sellers a crucial advantage in this highly competitive real estate marketplace.

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Staging Homes - Simple yet Elegant
Simple Yet Elegant

Chaney Homes has one goal in mind - and that is to stage to maximize the value of any home by keeping things simple, yet elegant.

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Staging Homes with a Nautical Theme
Staging With Themes

When listing a home on Maryland's Eastern Shore, staging it with a 'Nautical Interior Design' could be an advantage to sellers.

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